Being compliant

Being compliant means that the patient carries out all his/her responsibilities agreed to between us. Specifically, this means

  • Showing up for all your appointments
  • Taking your medications exactly as prescribed
  • Getting medication refills so you don’t run out of medications
  • Not leaving town without your medications
  • Not getting pregnant while on medications
  • Not using other patients' medications or giving your medications to others
  • Not mixing your medications with alcohol or street drugs
  • Getting the necessary lab tests required and any second opinions or other medical consultations that are necessary.

During the interview, you and I can discuss all the reasonable treatment options available to you, so that ultimately we can jointly agree on a final treatment plan. Once agreed upon, I expect that you will follow our agreement and complete the steps required of you. Since our practice income consists nearly entirely of patient co-pays and third-party (insurance) payments, your personal payments are also part of being compliant and are an essential part of contributing to the sustained financial viability of this practice. For the greater good of the whole practice, patients who remain uncooperative, noncompliant, or otherwise problematic will be assisted in finding a new physician elsewhere.